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Customer Service

<p>Our customer service staff is responsible for building strong relationships with our ever-expanding client base. They work on the front line to ensure that every estimate and order is handled professionally and meets the quality expectations of our clients.</p>


Our administrative and accounting staff is responsible for the management and financial needs of our company. Including company communications, staff training, and company functions.


In working with us, you will find that our company is not overly regimented. Everyone understands their role but is willing to help out and learn whatever is needed to see a job through. Though we believe whole-heartedly in this open approach, it is necessary to separate our company into a few departments.


Our production department is responsible for creating our clients products. From designing a clients idea to printing or copying the actual product, our production staff works hard to create the product our client is envisioning. The production department includes a few other areas of expertise. 
•    Offset Printing
Offset printing or web offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Our professional press-operators are masters at maintaining ink consistency and coverage, maintaining accuracy, and meeting tight deadlines.
•    Copy 
Our Copy department includes both black and white copying and color copying. We are capable of producing virtually any quantity of copies quickly and efficiently. Using our top notch state of the art technology, our well trained machine operators produce output that meet and exceed clients quality objectives. 
•    Sign
Our sign department uses high quality equipment to produce our clients signage need. Our highly experienced signage staff can create, print, and install virtually any signage need. 
•    Design
Our designers can create nearly every job we produce from concept to final proof and are experts at layout and composition. They have extensive knowledge of all major computer page layout and graphic applications. They are able to implement cutting edge techniques and design to any of our clients products.