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Heidelberg 46-4 DI

Quickmaster DI 46-4 Plus

In the 21 st century, digital production routines will drive processes in the graphic arts industry. Global standards and data networks spanning the whole world enable the exchange of printing data across all continents. Digital offset printing takes place within virtually unbounded communication networks. Exchange of digital data without restrictions and without sacrificing quality–globe-spanning networks like the Internet or high-speed networks like WAM!NET offer previously unknown possibilities. Services can be offered across large distances, and bids, orders, and job data sent in seconds to the remotest corners of the earth. Print on demand and distributed printing have appeared as new possibilities.

Built-in Flexibility – Because Practical Needs Vary Widely

The flexibility of the Quickmaster DI 46-4 starts with the inks you can use. The Quickmaster DI will print all commercially available waterless offset inks. The Quickmaster DI 46-4 also gives you maximum flexibility for selecting different stocks. From thin 60 gsm label paper to Chromolux board 0.3 mm (0.012 ”) thick, you can use virtually any weight and grade. Even preprinted and prefinished materials such as envelopes are easy to print on the Quickmaster DI 46-4. The Quickmaster DI also offers you flexibility for choosing different sheet sizes. From four-color postcards to posters slightly larger than A3 – no matter what you would like to print, the Quickmaster DI is ideal for a vast array of different products. Although the Quickmaster DI 46-4 is best-suited for short runs of between 200 and 5,000 copies, it also handles longer runs with ease. A top production speed of 10,000 sheets per hour and masters you can use to print 20,000 impressions let you run them effortlessly.

The Press – Compact Design

The Quickmaster DI is a sheetfed offset printing press for the 34 x 46 cm format that meets all of the world market leader ’s quality criteria. Its satellite design with four printing units also makes it particularly compact. The Quickmaster DI 46-4 is characterized by a compact design and precision engineering down to the tiniest detail. Owing to its small dimensions, it is also excellently suited for use in print shop environments where space is at a premium. Its design and workmanship ensure that it retains its value, and are reflected in the quality of items printed with it. Numerous innovative features combine to turn out first-class products. Together with the drive train featuring helical ears and bearer-on-bearer running of the plate and blanket cylinders, the solid design of the press meets the prerequisites for precise halftone dots, long service life, and high productivity.


The waterless printing process of the Quickmaster DI 46-4 allows you to achieve uncompromising offset quality. All functions are easy to operate from the central control console –plate imaging at the press of a button. The printing units are equipped with unique plate cylinders, each of which has an integrated master cassette. Each supply reel contains enough material for 35 successive print jobs. After the plates are changed, all four masters are simultaneously imaged in precise register without requiring any intervention by the operator. Presetting of inking is also automatic. Based on the RIPped data, the job specific ink profile for all four colors is calculated and relayed to the CP ink fountains for presetting the ink zones. This ink presetting helps substantially reduce startup waste. Owing to the high degree of automation, it takes less than ten minutes from the start of imaging to get the first printed sheet into the delivery.

Quickmaster DI 46-4 Plus Specifications

Max. sheet format: 18 1/8" x 13 3/8" (460 mm x 340 mm)
Min. sheet format: 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" (140 mm x 89 mm)
Largest printable area: 17 3/4" x 13" (450 x 330 mm)
Gripper margin: 13/32" (10 mm)
Stock thickness: 0.0016" to 0.012" (0.06 to 0.30 mm)

Direct Imaging
Imaging resolutions: 1,270 dpi / 2,540 dpi
Imaging times: < 4 min. at 1,270 dpi
Laser diodes per printing unit: 16

Printing Plates
Presstek PEARL dry, multilayer masters for thermal imaging on supply reel, polyester base material.
No. of masters per reel: app. 35

Blanket cylinders
Length x width, metal edged: 21 7/8" x 13 1/4" (555 mm x 337 mm)
Thickness: 0.077" (1.95 mm)
Blanket cylinder undercut: 0.091" (2.3 mm)

Production speed
Max. production run speed: 10,000 sph
Min. production run speed: 3,500 sph
Crawl mode: 500 rpm

Inking unit
No. rollers: 12 (incl. fountain roller)
Form rollers: 3
Diameter of form rollers: 2 1/8"-1 3/4"-2" (54.7-45–50 mm)

Pile heights
Feeder: 2'7 1/4" (490 mm)
Delivery: 1'5 3/4" (450 mm)

Connection power
Power consumption (at 50/60 Hz): approx. 10.5kW

About the press
Dimensions (length x width x height):
8' 1/2" x 8' 4 1/2" x 6'3 1/2"
(245 x 255 x 190 cm)
Weight: 8,378 lbs. (3,800 kg)
Emission values: <80 dB (A)

Raster Image Processor
High-performance IBM Intel workstation
Delta Technology (optional: Harlequin ScriptWorks)